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80+ New LEGO Set Wave Coming!

UPDATE 8/20/20

After many manufacturing and delivery delays, the sets will be ready to purchase in the late afternoon of 8/25. The best way to know when they get here is to sign up for an in-stock alert (info below). In the meantime, we continue to receive orders of current production sets each week, and used sets are coming in steadily. Thanks for your patience.

Spencer, Bricks & Minifigs Portland Owner


We have over 80 brand NEW 2020 LEGO sets coming some time in August or September. We are incredibly excited for this wave, as it includes soooo many good sets from all themes including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Creator, Friends, Mario, and more. Check out the Summer 2020 LEGO® sets

While the supply chain for LEGO has been heavily impacted by Coronavirus, they have been ramping up production to meet demand.

In order to be the first in line for specific sets, we recommend you browse the collection on our website and sign up to receive alerts for the sets you wish to purchase. They are listed as Sold Out, but until they actually arrive, that is just a place holder to allow you to sign up for notifications. As well, you can sign up for our mailing list and we will send out an email letting customers know they have arrived.

Check out the Summer 2020 LEGO® sets