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8140 Tow Trasher (Retired) LEGO Racers

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\Retired. Sealed. Retired sets are "new" (unopened) sets that are no longer in production by The LEGO Group, but can sometimes be found at stores like Bricks & Minifigs that specialize in retired and pre-owned LEGO sets. Although the boxes are unopened/sealed, they may have some dents or signs of wear (which, if significant, will be noted). To see other retired sets, please visit our Retired Sets section. The skull on the hood and the hook on the back are a warning that this is no ordinary tow truck! The mighty Tow Trasher is here to smash all comers and haul its beaten opponents off to the junkyard. With its pull-back motor and smash-apart action, the hood and side spoilers pop off on impact, then reset for the next crash! Combine with #8136 Fire Crusher or #8139 Night Blazer to make a monster racer vehicle! Features cool "crashing" function! Includes pull-back motor!