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Circuit Cubes Cube Combo (Starter Kit)

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Fun ed-tech toys that teach basic circuitry to kids K-6, Circuit Cubes are electronic building blocks that are compatible with LEGO bricks.

Bricks & Minifigs chose to carry these because they are small enough to fit into a two LEGO brick high by four stud wide sized area, making them incredibly compact. The modules are perfect for transforming small LEGO sets into self propelling mechanisms, and creating gear driven kinetic creations. The company that manufacturers Circuit Cubes is dedicated to the education of boys and girls in areas of science, technology, engineering and creativity.

The starter kit includes rechargeable battery, motor module, and light module in a string bag with startup guide and wires.

The Battery Cube is the power source for the circuits. It has a positive and a negative terminal. When you turn on the power switch, it delivers approximately 3.7 - 4.2 volts DC to your circuit.

The mighty little Geared Motor Cube rotates at more than 1,000 RPM (rotations per minute), but the tiny gears attached to the motor shaft reduce the rotations to about 75 RPM. This ensures maximum torque to turn the wheels or gears of your projects.

The LED Cube is a really really bright light, making a perfect searchlight for your vehicle or beacon on top of your lighthouse.

  • Works with all LEGO® elements
  • Seamless circuit connectivity (no soldering) 
  • Safety-tested & approved for ages 8+
  • Created by STEM teachers, tested by kids

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Handle Circuit Cubes with care. They contain sensitive electronic components, including batteries, and can be damaged or cause injury if dropped, burned, punctured, crushed, disassembled, or if exposed to excessive heat or liquids. Do not use damaged Circuit Cubes. BATTERIES Do not attempt to replace the batteries yourself. You may damage the batteries, which can overheat and cause injury. DISPOSAL The lithium-ion batteries in your Battery Circuit Cube should be recycled by Tenka Inc. or an authorized service provider.