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DINO-RIDERS Workshop - Sunday 02/19 at 10:00

DINO-RIDERS Workshop - Sunday 02/19 at 10:00

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DINO-RIDERS Workshop !

It is time to "Harness the Power of [LEGO] Dinosaurs" in this DINO-RIDERS® workshop! 

If you are not familiar with DINO-RIDERS, well, that is understandable - it was a short-lived animated series that aired in 1988. But it was awesome! So we decided to resurrect it (in a way) for this workshop! 

Sunday, February 19th, 2023 

10:00 am to 11:00 am (60 minutes)

Bricks & Minifigs Portland (3040 NE Sandy Blvd.)

Workshop includes the following: 

  • all of the (basic) LEGO dinosaur elements to build your dinosaur
  • a "build your own" minifigure to ride your dinosaur
  • a small tub of bulk to build out your dinosaur
  • some "accessories" to complete the minifigure and dinosaur
  • instruction and direction (and inspiration, if needed) from Jay!

At the end, each child will leave with their "DINO-RIDER" creation (and any unused bulk pieces and accessories) and - hopefully! - some inspiration for how to build their own (and other LEGO creations) at home! 

Spots are limited, so register soon! 

Note: This workshop is not sponsored by nor affiliated in any way with DINO-RIDERS.

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