Sell or Trade Your LEGO® Items

Pass on your LEGO® sets and bricks to the next generation of builders!

Buying and trading for pre-owned LEGO sets and bricks is at the heart of our "Rebuild. Reuse. Reimagine." philosophy here at Bricks & Minifigs. We all love the shiny new LEGO sets as much as anyone else, but our primary goal is to provide our customers with an unmatched selection of quality pre-owned LEGO sets, minifigs, and bulk pieces.

But, in order for us to achieve this goal, we need your help! Almost every pre-owned LEGO set and brick that we sell in our store came from a purchase from or trade with a customer or other member of our local community. 

Luckily, LEGO products are one of the few toys that you can buy, play with (or display), and then sell or trade for a not-insignificant amount of cash or in-store credit. Everyone wins! ;) 

Here are some FAQs about selling to or trading with us: 

Do you buy pre-owned or used LEGO sets and bricks? 

Yes! Of course we do! (But you already know that if you read the first part of this page - so let's move on to the important stuff.) 

How can I sell to or trade with you? 

The best way to sell to or trade with us is to bring your LEGO sets and bricks into our store at 3040 NE Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR 97232. (If you have a large collection or otherwise cannot bring your LEGO sets into our store, please contact us by email or 503-908-3639.) 

The best times to stop by are weekday mornings - this is typically when we are the least-busy, which means we will have more time to spend with you and evaluating your items. Also, we prefer that your stop by at least an hour before we close so we are not rushed. 

Do you only buy complete sets or will you buy loose (bulk) pieces?

We buy and trade LEGO products in almost any condition (except glued, chewed, and covered in goo), so whether you have giant tubs full of bulk pieces, complete (built) sets, or just a single minifig, we are interested!

How much will I get for my LEGO sets and bricks? 

Great question - direct and to the point!

The short answer is: Probably less than you want or expect. 

We will evaluate your items based on a number of factors (discussed more below), but, in general, we will offer you a percentage of the "market value" of your items.

Yes - this means that we will offer you less than your items are "worth" - but this is not because we are greedy. Rather, this is because we have to be able to (re)sell your items to the next customer for more than we paid you for them (otherwise, we would not be able to stay in business for very long).

Either way, we generally do not offer quotes or estimates over the telephone or email, because we need to evaluate and inspect the sets or items in person before we can comfortably give you a quote. 

How do you determine how much you will offer me? 

In general, we will offer more for (identifiable) LEGO sets that are built and complete (i.e. include all pieces, minifigures, and instruction manuals) than we will for loose (bulk) LEGO bricks (even if those loose bricks are organized into identifiable sets). 

The amount we will offer you for any given (built) LEGO set depends on a number of factors, including (1) the completeness of the set, (2) the current market value the set, and (3) our current inventory of the same or similar items. 

The amount we will offer you for your loose (bulk) LEGO bricks depends on (1) the quantity of the pieces, (2) the "coolness" of the pieces, (3) the cleanliness of the pieces, and (4) the amount of non-LEGO items mixed in. 

Otherwise, in either case, we will offer you more on a trade (i.e. in-store credit) than we will if you opt for cash. 

Do you purchase LEGO sets that are still in their original (unopened) box? 

Yes, we will purchase "new in-box" LEGO - but only if the set is "retired" (i.e. is no longer in production or available for sale on 

(We have adopted this policy in order to discourage theft - we do not want to provide an opportunity for anyone to turn a stolen item into cash.) 

Do you buy non-LEGO products (e.g. MEGA BLOKS, Laser Pegs, Lepin, etc.)? 

No - we only purchase LEGO brand products. 

Why should I sell to you rather than on OfferUp, eBay, or some other marketplace?

If you want to receive the "full value" of your LEGO sets and bricks, you should try to sell them directly to another person on eBay, Craigslist, or some other marketplace. As we explained above, we can only offer you a percentage of the "market value" of your items. 

But selling your LEGO sets and bricks to us takes (considerably) less time and effort than selling them directly to other people, and you will feel good knowing that you have passed your love of LEGO on to a new generation of builders!

Questions? Please contact us by email or (503) 908-3639.