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Cash For LEGO Items


Are you looking for a way to de-clutter or make space for something new?  Then sell your Used Sets, New Sets, Minifigs and Bulk down to your nearest Bricks and Minifigs!  You can get paid cash for passing on some of your favorite toys to another generation.  Or you can trade them in for in-store credit towards that set or minifig you’ve always wanted. Our 3,000 square-foot store is overflowing with New & Used LEGO® products thanks to our awesome local traders!

How to Sell & Trade:

We have a variety of options you can choose from! You can stop by in-store and bring your LEGO® product to the store’s Sell & Trade counter before 5:00 PM any day. Staff wear masks to protect from Coronavirus exposure.

We evaluate your sets, bulk, and minifigs based on several factors, including condition, demand and quantity, and then make you an offer.  You can then choose the cash value or the often higher in-store credit value. You’ll feel good knowing that you have passed your love of LEGO® on to a new generation – and got paid to do it! Should you possess a large collection that is challenging to transport to our store, no problem, send an email to with photos and details, and we will get back to you with questions, and an offer.

We buy & trade LEGO® products in almost any condition besides glued, chewed, and covered in goo, so whether you have giant tubs full of bulk pieces, built sets, or just a single minifig, we are interested!

We offer the most for built sets with as many original pieces, minifigs, and instructions as you have. Bulk pieces are purchased by quantity and quality, so the more cool LEGO® pieces you have (and the less non-LEGO® items mixed in) the more we pay! Minifig values vary vastly depending on condition, completeness, and current inventory. We offer store credit if you are looking to trade-up, or cash if you are moving on!

If you have LEGO® items in your collection that you would like to trade or sell, bring them in anytime before 5:00 PM and we will make you an offer on the spot!

Our policies prohibit the purchase of new-in-box items currently available at

Questions? Give us a ring at 503-908-3639.