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Product Disclaimers

Certified Used and Used Sets
Most used sets are pre-built, except for Certified Used. Pre-built sets may be missing parts or minifigures, be partial sets, or have color swapped pieces. They are sold AS-IS and can’t be returned or exchanged once they leave the premises. To guarantee all the parts, minifigures and manual are included, purchase a Certified Used set. Used Built and Certified Used sets are priced according to what is included. Bricks & Minifigs does our best to communicate what comes with the set through product descriptions, but please ask if you need clarification. Thanks.

Shipping Used Sets
Used pre-built sets are broken down into chunks in order to minimize shipping costs, and will need to be rebuilt. If you would like your used set shipped pre-built, please let us know in the order comments. Please keep in mind that shipping items pre-built may incur additional shipping fees.

Minifigures & Bulk Parts
Minifigures may be in used condition. Bricks & Minifigs is a buy, sell, trade store. Our aim is to sell individual LEGO items that are in good shape. However, their condition can vary from like new to somewhat used. We will note any major issues that we encounter, but not minor ones. Please contact us if you have any concerns. Thanks. Reach out to us.

Minifigure Accessories
Minifigures come with accessories shown in photos unless noted. Price reductions available for minifigures without accessories when available.

Third-Party Items
Bricks & Minifigs does carry a small number of items that are LEGO-compatible, and not made by the LEGO® Group. These are usually noted in the product title or description. These products are vetted by the franchise to be of good quality and unique enough to warrant us carrying them. Please reach out to us with any questions you have about third-party products.