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Product Information and Disclaimers

This page contains information and disclaimers about the products that we sell (both in-store and online) at Bricks & Minifigs Portland.

As a "buy, sell, and trade" store, we sell a lot of used (or pre-owned) items that were purchased from other customers. As a result, some of these items may be incomplete or be missing minifigures, instruction manuals, or boxes. We do our best to price each item accordingly and make a note of any (significant) items that are missing. 

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the items we sell (or our pre-owned inventory in general), please ask us before your purchase. 

Unless otherwise noted, all used products (including minifigures) are sold "AS IS" and cannot be returned or exchanged. With that said, please contact us if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with your purchase and we will do our best to find a solution.  


Used Sets

Most of our Used Sets are pre-built and displayed for sale (except for Certified Used Sets - see below). Used Sets may be missing parts (or have replacement parts) and may be missing some or all of the minifigures. Used Sets may also be missing the instruction manuals and original boxes. 

Please refer to the photos and description provided in the online listing for information about whether the set includes minifigures, instructions, and the box. 


Certified Used Sets

Like our regular Used Sets, Certified Used Sets are also pre-owned - but, unlike our regular Used Sets, we have inventoried each Certified Used Set for all parts, minifigures, and instruction manuals, and then placed everything into a sealed box for display and sale. (Unless noted, the original box is not included.)

As a result, when you purchase a Certified Used Set, you can be confident that it is not missing any pieces or other items. 


Shipping Used Sets

Before shipping, we break down used sets into chunks - this helps us minimize shipping costs (by allowing us to fit your item into a smaller box) and (we hope) reduce the risk that the set will break apart during the shipping process. As a result, you will need to reassemble (or rebuild) the set when you receive it.

If you want us to leave your set intact, please let us know in the order comments. However, due to the nature of the shipping process, we cannot guarantee that your set will arrive in a completely "built" condition. Additionally, please note that we may charge additional shipping fees if the item is large or otherwise requires us to use a different box or additional shipping supplies. 


Minifigures and Accessories

In general, our minifigures can be brand new, like-new, or some level of used condition. We do our best to inspect each minifigure to ensure that there is no (significant) damage. However, some signs of normal wear-and-tear are possible. 

Unless otherwise noted, each minifigure from the various Collectible Minifigure Series includes its accessories and is otherwise complete. Other (non-series) minifigures may be missing accessories or have replacement accessories or parts (and are priced accordingly). 


LEGO-Compatible Products

In addition to all of the new and used LEGO® products we sell, we also offer a small number "LEGO-compatible" products (including Strictly Bricks, Brick Arms, Brick Forge, and others). We do our best to identify these products to avoid any confusion.

Before including any of these third-party products in our inventory, we (and the franchise) review the products and companies that make them to ensure that they are high-quality (and LEGO-Compatible).