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2236 Scorpio Hero Factory (Retired) LEGO

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Retired. Sealed. 2011. Retired sets are "new" (unopened) sets that are no longer in production by The LEGO Group, but can sometimes be found at stores like Bricks & Minifigs that specialize in retired and pre-owned LEGO sets. Although the boxes are unopened/sealed, they may have some dents or signs of wear (which, if significant, will be noted). To see other retired sets, please visit our Retired Sets section. Put a sting in the tail of the heroes' mission! Come in, heroes! A huge scorpion has been sighted heading this way! With heavy spike-plate armor covering its body, power pincers, tail shooter and corrupted quaza, this beast is going to make stopping Witch Doctor a whole lot harder! Use extreme caution! Features heavy spike-plate armor, power pincers and corrupted quaza Fire the tail shooter at the heroes! Measures over 13" (33cm) long