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70638 Ninjago Katana V11 LEGO Ninjago

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Play out a high-speed chase on water and land with this action-packed LEGO® NINJAGO® set, featuring Kai’s Katana V11 boat, with speed and attack modes, foldout boosters and spring-loaded shooters. This cool toy for kids also includes Luke Cunningham's street bike, plus 2 minifigures with weapons to boost the role-play battle action.

  • Includes 2 minifigures: Kai and Luke Cunningham.

  • Katana V11 features speed and attack modes, an opening minifigure cockpit, foldout boosters, 2 hidden spring-loaded shooters, opening storage
    compartment, gold-colored ninja blades, and translucent flame-style exhaust elements.

  • Fold out the boosters for attack mode and unleash the hidden spring-loaded shooters.

  • Street bike features a minifigure seat and a translucent flame-style exhaust element.

  • Weapons include Kai's 2 katanas and Luke Cunningham‚Äôs katana.

  • Recreate and role-play epic scenes from the NINJAGO¬Æ Masters of Spinjitzu TV show.

  • This cool toy for kids is suitable for ages 7-14.

  • Katana V11 measures over 1‚Äù (5cm) high, 7‚Äù (20cm) long and 3‚Äù (8cm) wide in speed mode, and over 5‚Äù (13cm) wide in attack mode.

  • Street bike measures over 1‚Äù (5cm) high, 2‚Äù (6cm) long and under 1‚Äù (2cm) wide.