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75283 Armored Assault Tank (AAT) (Retired) LEGO Star Wars

75283 Armored Assault Tank (AAT) (Retired) LEGO Star Wars

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We continue to receive shipments tomeet demand for this popular set! Kids can enjoy hours of epic battle action with this LEGO® StarWars: The Clone Wars Armored Assault Tank (AAT) building set (75283). The AAT has lots of realistic details to inspire fun, creative play, including opening hatches with space inside for the Battle Droids, LEGO minifigures, 2 spring-loaded shooters and a rotating turret with an elevating cannon. 501st Legion vs. Battle Droids!This action-packed set comes with 2 LEGOStarWarsminifigures - Ahsoka Tano and Ahsoka's Clone Trooper - AAT Driver Battle Droid and Battle Droid LEGO figures, and assorted weapons to inspire role play. An awesome gift idea to enhance any fan's LEGOStarWarscollection, this toy building kit is great for solo or group play. StarWarsaction in LEGO style!The LEGO Group has been creating brick-built versions of iconicStarWarsstarfighters, vehicles, locations and characters since 1999. It's become a hugely successful theme with a fantastic variety of sets to thrill fans of all ages. Recreate thrilling 501st Legion vs. Battle Droid conflicts fromStarWars: The Clone Wars with this awesome Armored Assault Tank (AAT) LEGO® building toy for kids (75283). This set includes 2 LEGO® StarWarsminifigures - Ahsoka Tano and Ahsoka's Clone Trooper - AAT Driver Battle Droid and Battle Droid LEGO figures, and cool weapons including 2 Lightsabers to role-play action stories. The AAT building toy has many cool features to inspire battle play including 2 spring-loaded shooters,a rotating turret with an elevating cannon, plus opening front and turret hatches to place the Battle Droids inside. This 286-piece construction toy makes a great holiday gift and offers a fun, rewarding building challenge for boys and girls aged 7+. It combines brilliantly with other LEGO® StarWarssets for even more creative fun. The AAT building toy measures over 4.5" (12cm) high, 8.5" (21cm) long and 5.5" (14cm) wide. Fans can also command the vehicle in the LEGO® StarWars: The Skywalker Saga video game for extra creative fun. This construction playset is powered by creative kids' free-thinking - no batteries required - so whether building and playing solo or sharing the fun with family and friends, the galactic adventures never stop! Looking for the best building toy for a kid who is new to LEGO® sets? ThisStarWars: The Clone Wars set comes with easy-to-follow, printed instructions so they can build independently - and feel Jedi-level awesome! LEGO® StarWarsconstruction playsets are great for kids (and adult fans) to build and display, recreate scenes from the memorableStarWarssaga and create their own unique stories. Ever since 1958, LEGO® bricks have met the highest industry standards, which ensures they are consistent and connect and pull apart easily every time - no need to use the Force! LEGO® bricks and pieces are tested in almost every way imaginable so you can be sure that this LEGOStarWarsAAT set meets the highest safety standards here on planet Earth - and in galaxies far, far away!
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